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Terms and Conditions (Required)

Article 1 (Purpose)
These Terms and Conditions shall have the purpose of stipulating the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of JD Corp., Ltd. (hereinafter “Company”) and the “User” (defined in Article 2) in connection with the electronic commerce service (hereinafter “Service”) provided through JD Online Store (hereinafter “Sales Channel”) that is operated by the “Company” and the matters regarding the procedure for “User’s” use of “Service.” These Terms and Conditions shall be applied, mutatis mutandis, to electronic commerce that uses PC communications, smartphone (Android phones, iPhones, and others) applications, wireless communications, and others to the extent that these Terms and Conditions do not contravene such commerce.

Article 2 (Definitions)
  1. ① Terms used in these Terms and Conditions shall be defined as follows.
    1. 1. “Sales Channel” refers to the “Company’s” Internet website and mobile applications or mobile webs provided through smartphones and other cellular communication devise that the “Company” prepared to sell goods and services (hereinafter “Products, Etc.”) to “users.”
    2. 2. “User(s)” refer to members and non-members that receive the “Service” provided by the “Company” pursuant to these Terms and Conditions by connecting to the “Sales Channel”.
    3. 3. “Member” refers to a person that registered as a member by providing personal information to the “Company,” who entered into “Service” use contract with the “Company” pursuant to these Terms and Conditions.
    4. 4. “Non-Member” refers to a person that uses the “Service” provided by the “Company” without joining as a “Member.”
    5. 5. “ID” refers to the email address that the “Member” selected and the “Company” approved for identification of the “Member” and use of “Service.”
    6. 6. “Password” refers to a combination of small-cap English alphabet, number, and special letter that the “Member” himself/herself established and registered with the “Company” for confirmation of sameness of the “Member” and protection of the “Member’s” rights and interests and confidentiality.
    7. 7. “Post” refers to signs, letters, audio-format words, images, videos, and various types of files and links uploaded by the “Member” to the “Sales Channel” in using the “Service”
  2. ② Any terms not defined in these Terms and Conditions shall comply with the stipulations by the relevant statutes.

Article 3 (Expression, Explanation and Amendment of Terms and Conditions)
  1. ① “Company” shall post the details of these Terms and Conditions, company name, name of the representative, address of location of business office (including the address of a location where consumer complaints can be processed), business registration number, online marketing business license number, telephone number of customer center, and electronic mail address on the initial “Service” page of the “Sales Channel” so that the “Member” can easily see. However, the “Member” can view the specific details of these Terms and Conditions through the linked page.
  2. ② “Company” shall seek confirmation of the “User” by providing a separate linked page or pop-up page so that the “User” can understand important details, such as withdrawal of subscription, delivery responsibility, and refund conditions prescribed in the Terms and Conditions before the “User” consents to the Terms and Conditions.
  3. ③ “Company” may amend these terms and conditions to the extent that does not violate the relevant statutes, such as the Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions, the Framework Act on Electronic Documents and Transactions, the Electronic Financial Transactions Act, the Digital Signature Act, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protect, Etc., the Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc., the Framework Act on Consumers, and the Act on the Protection, Use, Etc., of Location Information.
  4. ④ When the “Company” amends these Terms and Conditions, it will give notice by explicitly stating the application date and summary of amendment and placing them together with the existing terms and conditions on the initial page of the “Sales Channel” from seven (7) days prior to the application date to the day before the application date. However, when changing the terms and conditions to disadvantage the “Member,” such changes will be publicly notified by having a prior probationary period of at least thirty (30) days. In such case, the “Company” will clearly compare the substances of the terms and conditions before and after the amendment and show such differences so that the “User” can easily understand.
  5. ⑤ Notwithstanding the clear public notice or notification of the intent that, if the “Member” does not express objection to the changes in the terms and conditions by the application date for the changed terms and conditions while publicly informing or notifying the amended terms and conditions pursuant to the previous paragraph, such lack of objection shall be deemed as an implicit consent to the change in the terms and conditions, if the “Member” does not explicitly express its intent to object, the “Member” is deemed to have agreed to the amended terms and conditions. If the “Member” does not consent to the application of the amended terms and conditions, the “Company” shall not be able to apply the amended terms and conditions to the relevant “Member” and, in such case, the “Member” can terminate the use contract.
  6. ⑥ If the “Company” amends the terms and conditions, such amended terms and conditions shall only apply to the contracts that are entered into after the application date, and already executed contracts shall be governed by the pre-amendment terms and conditions. However, if a user that entered into a contract already sends the “Company” his/her intent to be subject to the application of the amended terms and conditions during the public notice period for the amended terms and conditions according to paragraph 3 and obtains consent of the “Company,” the amended terms and conditions shall be applied.
  7. ⑦ Regarding any matter not stipulated in these Terms and Conditions and interpretation of these Terms and Conditions, the Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc., the Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions, the Consumer Protection Guidelines in Electronic Commerce, Etc. prescribed by the Korea Fair Trade Commission, other relevant statutes, or commercial custom shall be applicable.

Article 4 (Terms and Conditions and Use Conditions for Individual Service)
Depending on the specific details of the “Service” provided, the “Company” may separately prescribe terms and conditions and use conditions for each individual “Service” and obtain consent of the “Members.” In such case, terms and conditions for each individual “Service” shall take precedence over these Terms and Conditions.

Article 5 (Constitution of Use Contract)
  1. ① Use contract shall be constituted by the “Member’s” consent to the terms and conditions and the “Company’s” acceptance of the application for use.
  2. ② Timing of constitution of the use contract shall be the point in time when the “Company” expresses the completion of subscription under the application procedure.
  3. ③ the application for membership of any person that is less than fourteen (14) years of age may be restricted in accordance with the relevant statutes.

Article 6 (Application for Use and Acceptance)
  1. ① “Member” shall apply for membership by entering the member information pursuant to the membership application form prescribed by the “Company” and subsequently expressing his/her intent to consent to these Terms and Conditions.
  2. ② When applying for use pursuant to the previous paragraph, the “Company” may request the “Member” to undergo a personal identification procedure through a professional agency.
  3. ③ With respect to the applications for use that fall under each of the following subparagraphs, the “Company” may refuse to accept or terminate the use contract ex post facto.
    1. 1. When the “Company” performs a real name confirmation procedure and the “Member” is found to have not used his/her real name
    2. 2. When the information, such as email address, is identical to the already subscribed “Member”
    3. 3. When another person’s name is stolen, or when there is falsity, omission, and error in the entries
    4. 4. When membership has been lost previously by these Terms and Conditions; however, if three (3) years have lapsed after the loss of membership and rejoining has been approved by the “Company,” an exception shall be found.
    5. 5. When intention is to use the “Service” for pursuit of illegitimate purpose or profits (however, service use within the scope approved by the “Company” shall be an exception)
    6. 6. When a “Member” has a history or is suspected of making illegitimate use through the same/ similar ID or another ID
    7. 7. When membership application was submitted with the purpose of potentially violating the relevant law or order of the society or good and laudable custom
    8. 8. When there is no room in the facility pursuant to the operation of the “Service” or there is technical obstacle. However, in such case, acceptance of use may be deferred until such ground is resolved.
    9. 9. When a child of less than fourteen years of age applies for use without obtaining consent of his/her legal guardian (i.e., parent)
    10. 10. Other instances where it is confirmed that the use application violates these Terms and Conditions or is illegal or improper, and when the “Company” deems necessary based on its reasonable decision.
Article 7 (Change of Member Information)
  1. ① If information entered when making a use application is changed, the “Member” shall amend such change by using the method prescribed by the “Company” or inform such changed details to the “Company” by using other methods.
  2. ② The “Company” shall not be liable for any damage caused by the “Member’s” failure to inform the changed information.

Article 8 (Cancellation of Membership and Loss of Membership)
  1. ① “Member” can make a request for cancellation of membership to the “Company” at any time, and the “Company” shall immediately process such “Member’s” cancellation of membership.
  2. ② If the “Member” falls under any of the grounds in each of the following subparagraphs, the “Company” may restrict and suspend the membership.
    1. 1. When the “Member” registered false information when applying for membership
    2. 2. When the “Member” fails to pay the price of goods that such “Member” purchased by using the “Company” and other use of “Sales Channel” by the payment deadline
    3. 3. When the “Member” threatens the electronic commercial order by interfering with the use of “Sale Channel” by another person or stealing other person’s information
    4. 4. When the “Member” carries out actions that are prohibited by the statutes or these Terms and Conditions or adverse to good public order and customs by using the “Sales Channel”
  3. ③ After the “Company” restricts and/or suspends the membership, if the same conduct repeats twice or more times or the ground for such restriction or suspension is not corrected within thirty (30) days, the “Company” can deprive of the membership.
  4. ④ When the “Company” deprives of the membership, the member registration shall be expunged. In such case, it shall be notified to the “Member” and shall grant the “Member” with an opportunity to explain by setting a period of at least thirty (30) days before expunging the member registration.
Article 9 (Member’s Obligation regarding ID and Password)
  1. ① Responsibility for managing “ID” and “Password” lies with the “Member,” and any and all civil and criminal liabilities caused by negligent management of “ID” and “Password” shall be the “Member’s” own.
  2. ② “Member” shall not permit his/her “ID” and “Password” to be used by a third party.
  3. ③ Upon becoming aware of the fact that his/her “ID” and “Password” have been stolen or are being used by a third party, the “Member” shall immediately notify the “Company” and shall comply with the “Company’s” actions if any.
  4. ④ If the “Member” fails to make the notification pursuant to the previous paragraph or refuses to comply with the “Company’s” actions, any and all liabilities for the disadvantages caused thereby shall be the “Member’s” own.

Article 10 (Member’s Obligations)
  1. ① “Member” shall comply with the relevant statutes, these Terms and Conditions, and other matters notified by the “Company” including use instructions, and shall not engage in acts that interfere with the business of the “Company.”
  2. ② “Member” shall not engage in any of the acts described in each of the following subparagraphs in connection with the use of “Service.”
    1. 1. Registering false information when applying for “Service” or changing information
    2. 2. Making an unauthorized change to the information posted by the “Company”
    3. 3. Sending or posting of information other than those prescribed by the “Company” (i.e., computer programs)
    4. 4. Infringing on intellectual property rights of the “Company” and other third parties, including copyrights
    5. 5. Defaming the reputation of the “Company” and other third parties or interfering with business thereof
    6. 6. Disclosing or posting pornographic or violent messages, videos, and audios and other information that is adverse to public order and good customs and moral on the “Sales Channel”
    7. 7. Failing to perform the “Member’s” obligations
    8. 8. Engaging in other conducts that violate the relevant statutes or regulations stipulated by the “Company”
Article 11 (Company’s Obligations)
  1. ① “Company” shall not engage in any conducts that are prohibited by the statues and these Terms and Conditions or that are adverse to good public order and customs, and shall use its best efforts to provide goods and services continuously and stably pursuant to these Terms and Conditions.
  2. ② “Company” shall establish security system for protecting the “User’s” personal information (including credit information) so that “Users” can safely use the Internet service.
  3. ③ When a “User” is harmed due to Company’s engagement in unreasonable labeling and advertising practices as prescribed by Article 3 of the Act on Fair Labeling and Advertising regarding its goods or services, the “Company” shall be liable to compensate for such damages.
  4. ④ Company shall not send for-profit adverting electronic mails that are unwanted by the “User.”

Article 12 (Notice to Members)
  1. ① When the “Company” gives notice to a “Member,” it can use the email address or SMS submitted to the “Company” by such “Member” when applying for membership.
  2. ② When the “Company” gives notice to unspecified many “Members,” it can substitute individual notice with posting the notice on the “Sales Channel” for at least one (1) week. However, for matters that have material effect on a “Member’s” own transaction, an individual notice will be given.

Article 13 (Ownership of Copyrights and Restriction of Use)
  1. ① Copyrights, patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights over the works or writings prepared by the “Company” shall belong to the “Company.”
  2. ② “Member” shall not copy, transmit, publish, distribute, broadcast, or use by other means or cause a third party to use the information obtained by using the “Service” without the prior consent of the “Company.”

Article 14 (Personal Information Protection)
  1. ① “Company” collects minimum amount of personal information within the scope necessary for service when it collects the personal information of a “Member.”
  2. ② “Company” does not collect information necessary for performance of purchase contract in advance when a “Member” joins. However, when collecting minimum amount of specific personal information as necessary for personal confirmation prior to the purchase contract for performance of obligation under the relevant statutes, the foregoing shall not apply.
  3. ③ When collecting / using personal information of “Members,” the “Company” notifies the purpose thereof to the relevant “Member” and obtains consent therefrom.
  4. ④ “Company” shall not use the collected personal information for use other than the stated purpose, and when a new purpose of use arises or personal information is provided to a third party the “Company” notifies such purpose to the relevant “Member” at the use and provision levels and obtains consent therefrom. However, a different stipulation in the relevant statutes shall be deemed an exception.
  5. ⑤ When the “Company” obtains consent of the “Member” pursuant to paragraphs 2 and 3, the identity of personal information manager (affiliation, name, telephone, and other contact information), the purpose of collection and use of information, information related to the provision to third party (recipient, purpose of provision, and details of the information provided), and other matters prescribed by Article 22(2) of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc. must be explicitly stated or notified in advance, and the “Member” can withdraw such consent at any time.
  6. ⑥ “Member” may at any time demand for access to and correct error in his/her personal information retained by the “Company,” and the “Company” has to take the necessary measures in response thereto without delay. If a “Member” demanded a correction of error, the “Company” will not use the relevant personal information until such error is corrected. Procedures for access and error correction shall be separately stipulated by the “Company.”
  7. ⑦ “Company,” for protection of personal information, must limit the persons handling personal information of the “Member” to the minimum and shall be liable for any damage inflicted on the “Member” by loss, theft, breach, unconsented third-party provision, and falsification of “Member’s” personal information including credit card and bank account information.
  8. ⑧ “Company” or the third party that received personal information therefrom shall destroy the relevant personal information without delay when the purpose of collection or provision of personal information is achieved.
  9. ⑨ “Company” shall not configure the consent box for collection, use, and provision of personal information to be selected in advance. Moreover, the “Company” shall specifically express the service that is restricted if the “Member” refuses to consent to collection, use, and provision of personal information and shall not restrict or refuse the provision of service, such as membership, on the ground of such “Member’s” refusal to consent to collection, use, and provision of personal information that is not an essential collection item.

Article 15 (Commencement of Service Use)
  1. ① “Company” shall commence service from when it accepts a “Member’s” application for use. However, some of the services will be commenced from designated dates.
  2. ② When service cannot be commenced due to the “Company’s” business or technical obstacles, the “Company” shall publicly announce such fact on the “Sales Channel” or notify the “Member.”

Article 16 (Service Access Time)
  1. ① Use of the “Sales Channel” shall, in principle be available year around and twenty-four hours a day. However, service may be temporarily suspended for the “Company’s” business or technical reasons, and service may also be temporarily suspended during a period prescribed by the “Company” for operational purposes.
  2. ② “Company” may separately set access time for each range upon subdividing the service into certain ranges.

Article 17 (Purchase Request)
  1. ① “User” shall request for purchase by using the following method or methods similar thereto in the “Sales Channel” and the “Company” must provide each of the following details so that the “User” can easily understand in making a purchase request.
    1. 1. Search and selection of goods
    2. 2. Entry of name, address, telephone number, and email address (or mobile phone number) of the recipient
    3. 3. Confirmation of the terms and conditions, service for which right to withdraw subscription is restricted, and details related to the cost burden, such as delivery charges and installation fees
    4. 4. Indication of consent to these Terms and Conditions and of confirming or refusing the matters described in subparagraph 3 above (i.e., mouse click)
    5. 5. Purchase request for “Products, Etc.”, corfirmation thereof, or consent for corfirmation of purchase request
    6. 6. Selection of payment method
  2. ② When there is a need for the “Company” to provide personal information of the purchaser to a third party, the “Company” shall inform the personal information items provided, recipient, such recipient’s purpose of using personal information, and the possession and use periods to the purchaser and obtain consent therefrom. When the “Company” outsources work to a third party to handle the personal information of the purchaser, the “Company” shall inform the purchase of the outsourced processor of personal information and the details of works that are outsourced for personal information processing and obtain consent therefrom. (This also applies when matters requiring consent change.) However, when necessary for performance of contract regarding the service provision and connected to the improvement of purchaser’s convenience, notification and consent procedures may be omitted by informing through privacy policy by using the methods prescribed by the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protect, Etc.

Article 18 (Constitution of Contract)
  1. ① “Company” may not accept a purchase request by a “User” described in Article 17 if such request falls under each of the following subparagraphs and, if it is found after accepting the request, the “Company” may revoke the acceptance for the purchase request and suspend the provision of “Products, etc.”
    1. 1. When the request includes falsification, omission, or description error
    2. 2. When an under-aged person purchases goods and services prohibited under the Juvenile Protection Act, such as tobacco and alcohol, etc.
    3. 3. When the “Company” thinks accepting the purchase request pose significant difficulty under the “Company’s” technical capabilities
    4. 4. When the “Company” thinks provision of “Products, etc.” requested for purchase is impossible due to being out of stock or description error in information (in this case, the “Company” must notify such fact to the “User” and take necessary measures)
    5. 5. When purchase request is made by stealing another person’s ID, name, or payment means
    6. 6. When the “Products, etc.” are purchased for for-profit purpose (for purposes of resale or agency purchases, etc.) or the circumstances of the purchase request lead to suspicion that the purchases were made with for-profit purpose (for purposes of resale or agency purchases, etc.), such as bulk purchases or repeated purchases of the “Products, etc.” (however, any such purchase permitted by the “Company” shall be an exception)
    7. 7. When a “User” deprives of other user’s purchasing opportunity by making bulk purchases or repeated purchases despite the lack of self-consumption purpose (however, any such purchase permitted by the “Company” shall be an exception)
    8. 8. When purchase and return of products are repeated indiscriminately
    9. 9. When a “User” engages in a transaction that have no real intent to purchase the products, such as no actual delivery of the products, or in abnormal transactions by using discount rates, discount coupons, and events provided by the “Company”
    10. 10. When purchase request is made with the purpose that can violate the relevant statutes or impede peace and order or good and laudable custom
    11. 11. when violation of these Terms and Conditions or the fact that the purchase request was an unreasonable request intending to abuse the “Company’s” payment means or the benefits provided by the “Company” with one or multiple IDs are found, and when deemed necessary by the “Company’s” reasonable determination
  2. ② The contract is deemed constituted at the point when the “Company’s” acceptance is delivered to the “User” in receipt confirmation notice form pursuant to Article 18(1).
  3. ③ The “Company’s” expression of acceptance must include the confirmation for the “User’s” purchase request, confirmation of whether sale is possible, and information regarding the correction and cancellation of the purchase request.

Article 19 (Payment)
  1. ① “Company” shall provide methods by which “Users” can pay in cash, credit card, and other means.
  2. ② Information entered by a “User” in connection with payment and any liabilities and disadvantages arising out of such information shall be entirely borne by the “User.”
  3. ③ If purchase price is not paid within a certain period after ordering the goods, the “Company” may cancel the order without the “User’s” consent.
  4. ④ “Company” may confirm whether “User” has legitimate authority to use the payment means used when paying and may suspend the progress of transaction until such confirmation is completed or may cancel, refund, or defer the relevant transaction that cannot be confirmed.

Article 20 (Receipt Confirmation Notice and Change and Cancellation of Purchase Request)
  1. ① When there is a purchase request from a “User,” the “Company” shall give receipt confirmation notice to such “User” by using electronic means, such as email, electronic memo, and consent pop-up in the log-in page.
  2. ② “User” that receives a receipt confirmation notice may request change and cancellation of purchase request immediately after receipt confirmation notice if there is inconsistency with purchase request, and in case the “User” make request at the order acceptance stage, the “Company” shall process in accordance with such request. However, when price has already been paid, the regulations on withdrawal of subscription in Article 23 shall be applied.

Article 21 (Supply of Products)
  1. ① Unless a separate agreement regarding the supply period for “Products, Etc.” exists with the “User,” the “Company” shall take measures necessary to supply the “Products, Etc.” within seven (7) days from the date of subscription by the “User.” However, when the “Company” already received whole or part of the price of the “Products, Etc.,” the “Company” shall take measures within three (3) business days from the date when whole or part of the price was received. At this time, the “Company” shall take appropriate measures so that the “User” can know the supply procedure and progress of the “Products, Etc.”
  2. ② “Company” shall explicitly show the means of delivery, party bearing the cost of delivery for each means, and delivery period for each means in regards to the “Products, Etc.” purchased by the “User.” If the “Company” exceeded the prescribed delivery period, the “Company” shall indemnify the damages of the “User” caused thereby. However, when the “Company’s” absence of intent and negligence are proven, the foregoing shall not apply.
  3. ③ When there is a separate agreement between the “Company” and the “User” regarding the time of delivery of goods and time of provision of services, the relevant agreement takes precedence over these Terms and Conditions.
  4. ④ “Company” shall not be liable for any damages caused by the “Member’s” incorrect description of the name, address, telephone number, and email address (or mobile phone number) of the recipient.

Article 22 (Refund)
When the “Company” cannot deliver or provide the “Products, Etc.” requested for purchase by the “User” due to such “Products, Etc.” being out of stock or other grounds, the “Company” shall notify such grounds to the “User” without delay and, if the price of “Products, Etc.” was received in advance, the “Company” shall refund or take measures necessary for refund within three (3) business days from the date when such price was received.

Article 23 (Withdrawal of Subscription)
  1. ① “User” that entered into an agreement regarding purchase of “Products, Etc.” with the “Company” may withdraw his/her subscription within seven (7) days from the date he/she received document on the contract details pursuant to Article 13 (2) of the Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc. (if the supply of goods is made later than when such document is received, the day when the goods were supplied or when the supply of goods commenced). However, if the Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc. stipulates differently regarding the withdrawal of subscription, the relevant statutory provision shall be applied.
  2. ② “User” shall not return or exchange the “Products, Etc.” after delivery if it falls under any one of each of the following subparagraphs.
    1. 1. When the “Products, Etc.” were lost or damaged due to grounds attributable to the “User” (however, when the packaging is damaged in order to confirm the details of the “Products, Etc.,” withdrawal of subscription shall be possible)
    2. 2. When the value of the “Products, Etc.” significantly declines due to the “User’s” use or partial consumption
    3. 3. When the value of the “Products, Etc.” had significantly declined to the extent a resale would be difficult due to lapse of time
    4. 4. If duplication to “Products, Etc.” that have the same functions is possible, when packaging of the original “Products, Etc.” has been damaged
    5. 5. “Products, Etc.” manufactured individually pursuant to the “User’s” order or products similar thereto
  3. ③ In case of paragraph 2, subparagraphs 2 through 4, if the “Company” failed to explicitly state the fact that withdrawal of subscription may be restricted in a place where the “User” can easily see in advance or did not take measures of providing sample products, the “User’s” withdrawal of subscription shall not be restricted.
  4. ④ Notwithstanding the stipulations in paragraphs 1 and 2, if the details of the goods are different from the details of the labeling, advertising or performed differently from the contract details, the “User” may withdraw his/her subscription within three (3) months from the day the relevant “Products, Etc.” were supplied or thirty (30) days from the day when the “User” became aware of the foregoing difference.

Article 24 (Effect of Withdrawal of Subscription)
  1. ① When receiving return of “Products, Etc.” from a “User,” the “Company” shall refund the price of the “Products, Etc.” that it already received within three (3) business days. In such case, if the “Company” delays the refund of price of the “Products, Etc.” to the “User,” the “Company” shall pay interest calculated by multiplying the interest rate prescribed by the Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc. for the delayed period.
  2. ② In refunding the foregoing price of “Products, Etc.” when the “User” used credit card, electronic currency, or other means of payment to pay the price of “Products, Etc.” the “Company” shall request the enterpriser that provided the relevant means of payment to suspend or cancel the claim payment of “Products, Etc.”
  3. ③ In the case of withdrawal of subscription, the costs necessary for the return of “Products, Etc.” supplied shall be borne by the “User.” “Company” shall not claim penalty or damages against the “User” on the ground of withdrawal of subscription. However, in the case of withdrawal of subscription caused by the difference between the details of the “Products, Etc.” and the details of labeling or advertising or the details of the contract, the costs necessary for the return of “Products, Etc.” shall be borne by the “Company.”
  4. ④ If the “User” bore delivery charges when receiving the “Products, Etc.,” the “Company” shall clearly indicate the bearer of such costs in the event of withdrawal of subscription so that the “User” can clearly understand.
  5. ⑤ When the “Company” gives refund to a customer pursuant to the product return procedure, the refund shall be performed when the returned product is delivered to the “Company” or its partner company, and the ground for return and burden of return cost are confirmed. However, in exception cases, when the returned product is not delivered to the “Company” or its partner company despite the refund in advance, or if the product falls under paragraph 2 of this article, the “User” shall immediately return the costs expended in returning the product and/or the amount refunded by the “Company” pursuant to the method designated by the “Company.”

Article 25 (Overseas Delivery Service)
  1. ① “Company” will provide a service that lends assistance to the overseas delivery procedure for products for which a purchase and sale contract has been entered into through the overseas delivery network that is in business partnership relationship with the “Company,” and the stages of overseas delivery shall be classified as described in each of the following subparagraphs.
    1. 1) Domestic delivery stage: Stage up to the time when the product purchased by the purchaser is stored in a third-party distribution center that is in a business partnership relationship with the “Company”
    2. 2) Overseas delivery stage: After the storage in a third-party distribution center up to the delivery of products to the recipient through overseas delivery network
  2. ② In the case of overseas delivery, cancellation of the purchase contract is possible at any time in the state of delivery request, and return caused by the purchaser’s change of mind at the delivery state is limited only to the domestic delivery stage. From the overseas delivery stage, return is impossible in principle; however, the exception shall be if the exchange or return is approved by the “Company” due to grounds such as latent defect in the products for which overseas delivery has been completed.
  3. ③ Any purchaser seeking to obtain approval for product exchange or return from the “Company” shall prove the grounds for product exchange/return, such as the product’s latent defects, by sending objective evidentiary materials to the “Company,” and, if the latent defects of the product are proven, the “Company” shall bear the necessary expenses, such as delivery expenses required for product exchange or return.
  4. ④ Upon obtaining approval from the “Company” for product exchange or return, the purchaser shall contact the overseas delivery customer center and subsequently send the goods through EMS international express delivery and provide documents that can prove the delivery charges and others to the “Company.”
  5. ⑤ Customs duties, various taxes imposed by the delivery countries, and other costs that may be incurred when using the overseas delivery service shall be borne by the recipient.

Article 26 (Provision of Information)
  1. ① “Company” may provide diverse information regarding the use of “Service” to the “Member” through emails, mails, SMS, and other means, and the “Member” can reject the receipt of such information. However, with respect to information that is essential to the use of “Service” (i.e., change in the relevant regulations/policy), the “Company” may provide information regardless of the “Member’s” refusal to receive.
  2. ② In addition to the provision of information pursuant to the previous paragraph, the “Company” may provide individual service for member information that has been provided when the “Member” joined pursuant to the form prescribed by the “Company,” when “Service” is used, or after the completion of purchase request.

Article 27 (Management of Posts)
  1. ① All rights and responsibilities for the posts drafted by the “Member” shall belong the “Member” who posted, and the “Company” may take measures, such as deleting the relevant posts without prior notice or restricting access to such posts, pursuant to the “Company’s” policy if the posts drafted by the “Member” fall under any of the following subparagraphs.
    1. 1. When infringing or gravely insulting another person’s rights, reputation, credibility, and other legitimate interests
    2. 2. When violating public order and good and laudable customs
    3. 3. When including details related to criminal activities
    4. 4. When infringing on the “Company’s” copyrights, third-party copyrights, and other rights
    5. 5. When posting, advertising, linking to websites containing illegal materials, pornographic materials or content harmful to juveniles
    6. 6. When posting commercial advertising or promotions, link to other websites that have not been approved by the “Company” in advance
    7. 7. When unrelated to the products
    8. 8. When interfering with the business of the “Company” by describing false facts as if they are true or failing to respond to the “Company’s” request for confirmation of facts at least two instances
    9. 9. When deemed to interfere with the smooth progress of the “Service” or other business activities provided by the “Company”
    10. 10. Other circumstance when the posts are deemed to violate these Terms and Conditions or the relevant statutes.
  2. ② Any person whose statutory interests are infringed by the posts falling under paragraph 1 of this article may request the “Company” to suspend and delete the relevant posts pursuant to the procedure prescribed by the relevant statutes, and the “Company” shall take measures pursuant to the relevant statutes and the “Company’s” policy.
  3. ③ When the “Company” has to pay compensatory damages to a third party due to the posts falling under paragraph 1 of this article (regardless of mediation or court decision and of civil or criminal), the “Member” at fault shall pay the same amount to the “Company” immediately upon the “Company’s” payment of damages to the third party.
  4. ④ Since after cancellation of membership the author cannot be identified because the member information would be deleted, any edit or delete of posts posted before the cancellation of membership would be impossible. If a “Member” wants to delete or suspend the posting of posts that he/she authored, he/she has to take measures, such as deletion, in regards to the posts that he/she authored before cancelling his/her membership.

Article 28 (Copyrights and Exclusive License for Use of Posts)
  1. ① Copyrights to the posts authored by a “Member” shall belong to the authoring “Member,” and when the relevant “Posts” infringe on another person’s copyrights, the liability therefrom shall be borne by the “Member.”
  2. ② “Member” grants a license to exclusively use the posts that he/she had authored to the “Company.” Accordingly, the “Company” shall permanently use the posts authored by the “Member” as search exposure, sales promotion, marketing, and other materials free of charge, and may partially amend, copy, and edit the posts within a necessary scope.

Article 29 (Restriction of Use and Termination of Use Contract)
  1. ① “Company” may restrict use of the “Service” through warning, temporary suspension, and permanent suspension of use if a “Member” falls in any of the following subparagraphs, and may also terminate the use contract.
    1. 1. When false details were registered when applying for a membership
    2. 2. When existence of ground for refusing acceptance under Article 6(3) is found
    3. 3. When payment of price of “Products, Etc.” and other obligations that the “Member” bores in connection with the use of “Service” are not performed on the due date
    4. 4. When a “Member” threatens the electronic commercial order by interfering with another person’s use of “Service” or stealing information of another person, etc.
    5. 5. When a “Member” engages in acts prohibited by the statutes or these Terms and Conditions or acts that contravene public order and good and laudable customs
    6. 6. When a “Member” infringes on the rights, reputation, credibility, or other legitimate interests of the “Company,” other members, and other persons
    7. 7. When a “Member” engages in acts that abet distrust through unconfirmed facts regarding “Products, Etc.” sold by the “Company”
    8. 8. When a “Member” engaged in or attempted to engage in acts that interfere with the smooth progress of the “Service” provided by the “Company”
    9. 9. When a “Member” seeks to acquire unlawful gains by using means of payment, access media, or other benefits provided by the “Company” through one or multiple IDs
    10. 10. Other instances where the “Company” deems it necessary to restrict use or refuse the provision of “Service” based on reasonable determination
  2. ② Notwithstanding the foregoing paragraph, the “Company” may immediately suspend the use permanently or terminate the use contract immediately if a “Member” steals name and payment in violation of the Resident Registration Act, violation of the Copyright Act, Illegal communication and hacking in violation of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc., violation of the relevant statutes, such as distribution of malicious program. In the event of permanent suspension of use and termination of use contract pursuant to this Article, “Points,” “Purchase Discount Coupon,” and other benefits shall all be extinguished, and the “Company” shall not separately compensate for such extinguishment. However, when refund processing is necessary, the “Company’s” refund regulations shall be followed, but the gains or benefits unreasonably acquired by the “Member” shall be recovered or the “Member” shall return such gains or benefits pursuant to the method prescribed by the “Company.”
  3. ③ When use of “Service” is restricted or use contract is terminated according to this article, the “Company” shall notify such fact to the “Member” by using the email address or SMS that the “Member” submitted to the “Company” when applying for membership and can provide such “Member” with the opportunity to explain before the cancellation of membership registration.
  4. ④ “Company” may restrict the use of “Service” for the “Member” in accordance with the Promotion of the Motion Pictures and Video Products Act and Juvenile Protection Act.
  5. ⑤ When the “Company” suspects that the “Member” has violated various statutes in Korea, such as the Resident Registration Act, the Copyright Act, and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc., the “Company” may restrict the use of “Service” after notifying the “Member” and investigate the underlying facts through investigative agency.
  6. ⑥ Use contract is terminated at the time the “Company” notifies its intent to terminate to the “Member.” In such case, the “Company” notifies its intent to terminate via email address or SMS that was submitted to the “Company” when applying for membership.
  7. ⑦ Liability for any damage that occurred in connection with use restriction and termination of use contract shall be borne by the relevant “Member” whose use contract has been terminated, and the “Company” shall not have any liability.

Article 30 (Suspension of Provision of Service)
  1. ① In the event of each of the following subparagraphs, the “Company” may suspend the provision of “Service.”
    1. 1. When unavoidable due to construction, such as repair of the service use facilities
    2. 2. When telecommunication service was suspended by a key telecommunication service provider defined by the Telecommunications Business Act
    3. 3. When other force majeure events occur
  2. ② When normal “Service” use is disrupted due to national emergency, blackout, problem in the service facilities, or congested use of service, the “Company” may restrict or suspend “Service” whole or in part.
  3. ③ When the “Company” is unable to provide service on the ground of conversion of business item, abandonment of business, and combination between companies, the “Company” shall notify the user via email address or SMS submitted to the “Company” when the “Member” applied for membership and compensate the consumers pursuant to the conditions that the “Company” offered initially. However, if the “Company” did not notify any compensation standards, etc., the “Company” shall pay the user the “Accumulated Cash” of the users in-kind or in cash an amount equal to the value of currency used in the “Company.”

Article 31 (Termination of Use Contract by Member)
  1. ① “Member” may terminate the use contract through the MyPage Tab within the “Sales Channel” at any time.
  2. ② Any “Member” who terminated pursuant to the previous paragraph may rejoin as member pursuant to the regulations prescribed by the “Company.”

Article 32 (Indemnification)
  1. ① When the “Company” suffers damages due to the “User’s” violation of these Terms and Conditions, the “User” that violated these Terms and Conditions shall fully compensate the damages suffered by the “Company.”
  2. ② When the “Company” is subject to various types of objections including damages claim or litigation from a third party other than the relevant “User” due to the “User’s” illegal conducts or violations of these Terms and Conditions in using the Service, the relevant “User” shall, at his/her own liability and costs, hold the “Company” harmless and the relevant “User” shall fully compensate any and all damages to the “Company” caused thereby.

Article 33 (Exemption Clause)
  1. ① When the “Company” cannot provide “Service” due to natural disasters or force majeure events equivalent thereto, its liability regarding the provision of “Service” shall be exempt.
  2. ② “Company” shall not be liable for any disruption in use of “Service” caused by faults attributable to the “User.”
  3. ③ “Company” shall not be liable for loss of expected profits from the use of “Service” by the “User,” and shall not be liable for any damages caused by other materials obtained by the “User” through the “Service.”
  4. ④ “Company” shall not be liable for the details, such as credibility and accuracy, of the information, materials, and facts posted by the “User.”
  5. ⑤ “Company” shall not be liable for any transactions between the “Users” or between the “User” and a third party that used “Service” as medium.

Article 34 (Preservation of Records)
“Company” shall preserve the records for each of the following subparagraphs during the statutorily prescribed period in accordance with the Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc.
  1. 1. Records on processing of consumer complaint or dispute
  2. 2. Records on payments and supply of goods
  3. 3. Records on contract or withdrawal of subscription
  4. 4. Records on labeling/advertising
  5. 5. Log-in records
  6. 6. Records related to transaction history

Article 35 (Dispute Resolution)
  1. ① “Company” shall promptly process complaints submitted by “Users.”
  2. ② In the event of “User’s” application for damage relief in connection with electronic commerce dispute that occurred between the “Company” and the “User,” mediate by dispute resolution authority hired by the Korea Fair Trade Commission or the head of municipality and/or province can be accepted.

Article 36 (Governing Law and Jurisdictional Court)
  1. ① Interpretation of these Terms and Conditions and the dispute between the “Company” and the “User” shall be governed by the statutes of the Republic of Korea.
  2. ② In the event of litigation between the “Company” and “User” that occurred during the use of the “Service,” the jurisdictional court shall be decided pursuant to the Civil Procedure Act.

I have read and agree to the user agreement.

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1.  Purposes of Collection and Use of Personal Information

A.  Contract fulfillment obligated by provision of services and settlement of payment for the services provided

Supply of content, purchase and payment, delivery of goods or billing statements and others, user authentication for financial transactions and financial services

B.  Member management

User authentication to access members-only service, identity verification, prevention of unauthorized or illegal use, membership subscription check, validation of user age, confirmation of consent/agreement from legal representative for users under the age of 14, handling of complaints and civil affairs, delivery of notices

2.  Types of Personal Information Collected : user ID, password, E-mail address, personal information of legal representative for users under the age of 14

3. Duration of Retention and Use of Personal Information

As a general rule, once the personal data has fulfilled the purposes for which they were collected, they will be discarded without delay. However, it shall be retained for a specified period of time due to the reasons mentioned below.

A.  Duration of Retention and Use of Personal Information

Retention pursuant to prevention of illegal transaction and internal shopping mall: OO years

B.  Retention pursuant to applicable laws

o Records on contracts or withdrawal of offers and the like:

- Reasons of retention: Act on Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, Etc.

- Retention Period : 5 years

o Records on payment settlement and supply of goods etc.

- Reasons of retention: Act on Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, Etc

- Retention Period : 5 years

o Records on processing of customer disputes and complaints

- Reasons of retention: Act on Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, Etc

- Retention Period : 3 years

o Log records

- Reasons of retention: Communication Privacy Act

- Retention Period : 3 months

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